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We Are Gaia 

GCG Is a Multidisciplinary Design and Brand Strategy Company.

Among the areas we work in are: graphics and identity, brand strategy, websites and digital experiences, and advertising and communications.

Our expertise lies in crafting compelling website designs and developing effective brand strategies to showcase your brand's narrative, boost conversion rates, and establish a strong rapport with your target audience through well-crafted marketing websites and landing pages.

We specialize in optimizing websites for search engines (SEO) to improve their visibility and attract organic traffic.

Our expertise extends to strategic marketing initiatives, ensuring effective brand promotion and engagement with your target audience. We can create compelling content that resonates with customers through copywriting while our talented graphic designers deliver visually captivating designs to enhance your brand's image. 

We also offer comprehensive Google Ads management services to drive targeted traffic and maximize your online advertising campaigns' effectiveness.

The People of GCG

Gigi Guilarte

Founder + Designer

Gigi, a talented architect, now utilizes her design skills to develop stunning websites for small businesses, blending aesthetics and functionality to create captivating online platforms.


Her keen eye for balance and proportion enables her to craft visually striking websites that resonate with users, empowering small businesses to establish a strong online presence and thrive in the digital landscape.

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About Me.

A visionary architect turned creative designer. With a passion for aesthetics and an eye for detail, Gigi seamlessly blends her architectural expertise with cutting-edge web design and brand strategy skills.



B.S. in Architecture
Northeastern University

During my architecture studies, I delved into a comprehensive curriculum encompassing design principles, structural engineering, and construction techniques. I honed my skills in creating visually captivating designs by paying meticulous attention to detail and understanding the nuances of spatial relationships. Proficiency in architectural software and 3D modeling empowered me to communicate effectively and bring my design concepts to life. I successfully completed various design projects and demonstrated my ability to seamlessly blend creativity, functionality, and sustainability, showcasing my passion for architecture.


French Studies
Institut Catholique de Paris

I pursued my studies in French Studies at the Institut Catholique de Paris, a renowned institution with a strong focus on language and cultural studies. While there, I delved into the intricacies of the French language, literature, history, and culture. The program provided me with a comprehensive understanding of French society and its rich heritage, equipping me with advanced language skills and the ability to analyze and appreciate French literary works.




Web Design

Graphics and Illustrations


Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Logo Design



Google Ads

Email  and Social Media 

Data Analytics

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